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    Welcome to Mainstay Capital Management

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    When Your Investments Demand Professional Management

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General Motors has announced a Retirement-Eligible Special Payment (RESP) available to GPD, GPSC, and Manufacturing Engineering retirement-eligible U.S. classified salaried employees who retire between July 1, 2017 and September 1, 2017.

The RESP will offer the following:

  • Retirement under Company benefit plans and programs, subject to their terms; plus
    • Pay-out of any unused 2017 vacation upon retirement
    • Pro-rated teamGM payment based on your actual last day worked, to be paid in March 2018, based on Company performance
  • Additional two months of base pay in a one-time lump sum payment

Many employees are currently deciding whether to retire. The RESP is an added factor that may help employees make the decision to retire, if that is their preference.

Contact Mainstay toll-free at 1-866-444-6246 to learn more about the GM RESP and how we can help you achieve your retirement goals through your 401(k), IRAs, and non-retirement accounts.

The GM Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) for salaried employees and the Personal Savings Plan (PSP) for hourly employees is revising the investment fund lineup.

Effective June 30, 2017, the share class of several investment options offered will change to a new share class. The new share class will offer the same investment strategy and risk, but will have a lower overall expense.

General Motors (GM) employees and retirees with account balances in both the GM Personal Savings Plan (PSP) and the GM Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) have received notification that the inactive plan is being consolidated to the active plan.

During this transfer the inactive account will be will closed, portfolio allocations shifted, and loan payment terms possibly adjusted, if applicable. Contribution rates and beneficiary designations in the active account will remain unchanged.

To learn more about this consolidation, contact Mainstay toll-free at 1-866-444-6246 to speak with one of our Certified Financial PlannersTM. We can provide assistance and help you evaluate the overall impact to your financial plan.

For those salaried employees and retirees who participate in the General Motors Health Savings Account (HSA), you may have received notification regarding the upcoming account upgrades provided through Bank of America has announced changes to the GM Health Savings Account (HSA). The enhancements are to include a redesigned website, introduction of a mobile app, an online chat feature, and enhanced investment features.

During this transition period the GM HSA account as well as the HSA debit cards will be unavailable. There are no changes to the fund lineup associated with this upgrade.

Register or log in to view our most recent Model Portfolios for the GM HSA.

The General Motors Health Savings Account (HSA) provider, Bank of America, has announced changes to the investment menu within the HSA.

During the month of May, fifteen investment options will be removed from the account, two new options will be added, and ten current investment options will change share class.

If you have the auto-investment feature turned on and are directing investments to any of the closing funds, you will need to choose new auto-investment fund options prior to May 22, 2017. If no new option is selected by the deadline, the funds being removed will be liquidated and the proceeds will be deposited into the HSA Cash Account. For auto-investments into funds changing share class, no action is necessary.

For those that follow Mainstay Capital Management's HSA Model Portfolios, these changes only impact the growth model portfolio. Oppenheimer Developing Markets, held in the growth model portfolio recommendation, is one of the funds leaving the line-up. We will use Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index to replace Oppenheimer Developing Markets in this portfolio.

If you have questions regarding how these changes may affect your HSA portfolio or your investment option selection within the GM HSA, don't hesitate to contact Mainstay Capital Management toll-free at 1-866-444-6246.

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