With over two dozen investment options available, the International UAW (Int’l UAW) plan is among the best in the country. With this large number of funds, there is ample opportunity to build a well-diversified portfolio for your International UAW 401(k) savings.

For your reference, we have provided a “Fund Commentary” section for further information on specific funds and/or fund types within the Int’l UAW account.

Below you will find articles of interest as well as news relating to International UAW employee and retiree benefits. Check this page for future updates to the Int’l UAW plan, as well as news that affects International UAW employees and retirees.

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Plan Updates

International UAW Fund Change Announcement – May 2016

The International UAW has announced upcoming investment option changes for the International UAW Staff Severance Plan. Two funds will change share class following the market close on May 17, 2016. As a result of the share class changes, the fund codes and ticker symbols will change. For each fund, the new share class will have the same investment objectives and underlying investment holdings as the funds they are replacing. The only difference is that they represent a different share class and offer a lower fund expense.

Balances in, and contributions to the closing funds will automatically transfer to the new share class funds in the plan unless directed elsewhere by the participant.

To discuss these important changes to the International UAW 401(k) plan and how they may impact your current portfolio allocation, do not hesitate to contact Mainstay toll-free at 1-866-444-6246.

International UAW Fund Change Announcement – May 2015

International UAW Fund Change Announcement – August 2014

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