What retirement savings plan do I contribute to now that I have transferred to ACH?

After your transfer to Automotive Components Holdings, LLC (ACH) you no longer contribute to the Visteon Investment Plan (VIP). You are eligible to contribute to the Ford Savings and Stock Investment Plan (SSIP).

What happens to my VIP now that I have transferred to ACH?

Participants have four options for the account balance inside the VIP:
  1. Roll the balance of your VIP into an IRA
  2. Transfer the balance of your VIP to your new Ford SSIP
  3. Do nothing; keep the balance in the VIP
  4. Withdrawal your vested VIP balance (subject to any applicable taxes and penalties)

Deciding what do to with the funds in your VIP is a very important decision. Contact Mainstay Capital Management at 1-866-444-6246 to discuss the pros and cons of each option and determine the best solution for your personal situation.

If I roll my VIP assets into my new Ford SSIP, can I roll those same assets to an IRA at any time thereafter?

No. Your VIP assets will be locked in the Ford SSIP until you reach age 59 1/2 or separate from the company. Not until then can you roll these assets back out of the Ford SSIP. Contact Mainstay Capital Management for details on the “portability” rules that apply to your VIP assets.

How is my loan provision affected by my transfer from Visteon to ACH?

You will not be able to apply for a loan in the VIP after the effective date of your transfer to ACH. If you choose to maintain the VIP after your transfer and currently have an outstanding loan, you will be sent a coupon book to continue making payments on any loan(s).

Is there a company match in the Ford SSIP?

Ford, on behalf of ACH, will make matching contributions of 60 cents on each dollar of payroll contributions up to 5% of base pay. (Subject to change at any time.)

What vesting date is used for the Ford SSIP?

ACH recognizes the time you were employed by Visteon and, if applicable, by Ford prior to your ACH transfer for vesting purposes.

How do I access my Ford SSIP?

Ford has recently changed plan administrators from Fidelity to Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). Participants now utilize the ACS website to access their Ford SSIP accounts. Contact Mainstay Capital Management for assistance on utilizing the new ACS website and information on new trading rules for your SSIP account.


For more information and questions on the provisions of the transition plan and your available options, call Mainstay Capital Management toll-free at 1-866-444-6246.